Any advice for a novice considering a bike test?

Any advice for a novice considering a bike test?

Postby Nera » Tue Jun 02, 2015 7:41 pm

So with my long leave lying ahead of me I have been thinking of what I can do to fill my time. I have always wanted to take my bike test but just never got around to it. Today I did a 90 minute free taster at Harley's Rider Training in East Kilbride.

I was a bit on/off with the throttle to start off with but managed to get to second gear, do a cone slalom and a figure of eight. I was impressed with my progress even if the tutor was only saying so to get me to come back and pay for the rest ....! And I managed to fit on a 600cc Suzuki ... So I could do direct access straight A after CBT and not have to ever go back.

:?: My question to you is - what would you recommend for learning? Intensive time in the saddle, or split over a number of weeks? I am a complete novice having only today's 90 minutes experience.

Any recommendations on instructors/places to learn? I am North Ayrshire based but don't mind a bit of a drive (especially of it is hoon'able :o ) to get to the training location. Harley's Rider Training is the only place I looked at (I was in EK today anyway) - to get a novice through CBT and direct access seems a fair amount of hours and pretty much £1000 with them. Is that what I should expect to pay?

Cheers guys
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Re: Any advice for a novice considering a bike test?

Postby OlberJ » Tue Jun 02, 2015 8:31 pm

That's who i did cbt with. Good lads.

If you can do the intense course timewise, defo that route. I'd love a week off to get my licence.

Book a couple of lessons and cbt and see if you enjoy it. You'll know pretty soon if you want to hold off and get experience (bad habits) on a 125 or batter into the big bikes in a week.

I thought it would be nearer 5/600 all in but depends on lots of factors i suppose.
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Re: Any advice for a novice considering a bike test?

Postby Nera » Wed Jun 03, 2015 10:08 pm

So the break down of costs with Harley's Rider Training are below - anyone recommend alternatives as this just seems a bit pricey, or do you think I could do pay as you go and not have anywhere near as many lessons!

"Midweek Lessons (Monday to Friday Daytime) £995.00 Anytime Lessons £1150.00
All bike hire, fuel, insurance, test fees and use of riding gear is included. This again is what a 'typical' novice course would look like.

CBT Course (8hrs)
4x (3hour) lessons on 125cc
2x (3hour) lessons on 500cc
5x (3hour) lessons on 600cc including lessons for attending practical tests
Theory Test fee included
Module 1 Test fee included
Module 2 Test fee included

This is a block booking, discounted course and payment is required prior to starting. Alternatively, you can 'Pay As You Go' where by you simply call us and book in for single lessons when suits you, and your pocket!! These lesson prices as follows:

Pay As You Go Lessons.

125cc lesson Midweek (Monday to Friday Daytime) £65.00 and Weekends/Evenings £85.00
500/600cc lessons midweek (Monday to Friday Daytime) are £100.00 and weekends/Evenings £125.00

Test fees are in addition to this, and dates are subject to Test Appointment availability which is decided by the DVSA. "
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Re: Any advice for a novice considering a bike test?

Postby Ecosse » Tue Jun 09, 2015 11:46 am

The pricing for around £1k, is that a direct access course?

If it is, that is the same kind of money I've heard for direct access from a few guys for the last few years.
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Re: Any advice for a novice considering a bike test?

Postby tonytifoso » Wed Jun 10, 2015 12:58 pm

Do it. Full stop, close the thread!

With Mike's millions ;) it is an investment in your future happiness. You'll thank me once achieved :D

I had the good fortune to ride back from The Leadburn Inn monthly meet in the company of a Benelli Sei through the Pentlands (La Mancha, Blyth Bridge, Carnwrath, etc) last Thursday. Spectacular sunny evening, glorious countryside with amazing was so uplifting for the soul.
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Re: Any advice for a novice considering a bike test?

Postby JohnnyR6 » Tue Jul 07, 2015 9:13 pm

Whatever way you do it you'll enjoy it. Only thing I would say is going by the way the test has changed over the past years, do it as soon as you can as they are always making it more difficult to get on a bigger bike (read more expensive).

I used to think the best way to learn is start on a smaller bike and learn about corner speed, leaning and using the brakes weight transfer etc. All things you needed to keep up with bigger bikes (and the way all good racers learn).
But now I'm older and slow I realise it doesn't matter how you ride as long as your enjoying it.

Best of luck with it.

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Re: Any advice for a novice considering a bike test?

Postby jamieprang » Wed Jul 26, 2017 10:55 pm

Cant speak highly enough of Ride On out in Hillington. My wife did her CBT with Route 66 in Hamilton first of all, and they were worse than terrible, totally unprofessional. Her confidence was shot and she didn't want to try again. But I convinced her to try again with Ride On, She is by her own admission a slow learner with confidence issues, and she's quite small so struggled with the size of the small bikes even. They had her back in to them at no extra cost on several occasions, with a different instructor each time and each one was brilliant. Patient and friendly. She passed and is zipping around on her own 125 now and is going back to Ride On next year to start lessons for the full test.

What course you go on depends on what sort of learner you are and your general confidence levels when trying new things. If you're generally quite confident and a fast learner then the DAS could be for you. It worked fine for me. But for my wife who is the opposite, she will have to go blocks of lessons, until she feels confident enough in herself to do it. So really what you choose is whats best for you and not what was best for others. Either way its a great thing to have and its great to finally finish it and be able to get out on your own. Utter freedom.

Best of luck with it. And if you have passed already then well done.
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