Erskine Classic Car Show, 28 July

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Re: Erskine Classic Car Show, 28 July

Postby Andrew[MG] » Sat Jul 28, 2018 8:16 pm

Angelus wrote:
highlander wrote:Weekend all planned. Finish at lunchtime to get down road in reasonable time, drum and monkey for a few libations then pizza punk tonight. Show tomorrow and more drum and monkey then charcoals for my fav Indian on sat night. Sunday, well, obligatory ikea run for candles and such like rubbish.
We were going to take the boxster but weather a bit unpredictable so que the thirsty cayenne. Looking forward to this, one of my fav shows of the year and hope to have the old girl fixed by next year for it.
Safe driving to all attending

Was good to see you both there. 8-)

Yeah, great to meet at last!
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Re: Erskine Classic Car Show, 28 July

Postby highlander » Sun Jul 29, 2018 6:05 pm

Congrats to all the entrants from TT and the associated owners groups, all the cars looked great! A special shout out to all from TT (and their partners of course! ;)) who lead on putting the show together,it went as smooth as the £12 a shot tequila I was drinking last night which was reeeaaaallly smoooooth ;)
Next year Marci will be back and if lucky, I might even have a new (old) girl to partner her to the show by then ;)

Stewart, I'll write down the right date next year for you.......can't have you arriving a month early two years in row .....numpty lol

As a bytheby, Anyone one coming up our way to do the 500, give me a shout, might not have Marci but we can meet up for some run fun with Fiona's boxster and I'm sure Stewart would bring his AM.
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