Mercedes SL AMG 63 Drive

Mercedes SL AMG 63 Drive

Postby paulqv » Sun Nov 02, 2014 12:11 am

I had a long drive in a friends AMG63 and thought I would do a mini review.
The car produces about 565bhp but more importantly 900nm or 663 ld ft of torque from 2000-4500pm. It uses the newish merc 7 speed box. This car had forged alloy 20 inch wheels and Ceramic brakes.
The first thing is like most modern high performance cars with electronic dampers is the quality of the ride. For cars wearing such thin tyres the ride is amazing. Much like the Ferrari 458 or new baby lambo. The car is composed on all surfaces except large pothioles where physics of large drops is there to sense. by any normal criteria though the ride is excellent.
It is combined with iron body control . It doesn't feel as if the car rolls around corners or when cornering the car is flat and clamped to the road. There is no decreeable rear end lifting around higher speed corners.
The main point of this car is the performance. 663 ld ft from 2000 rpm tells you all you need to know. Any space, any time and straight and push down and the car rockets forward with no decreeable decrease in pace at sub prison speeds. The easy way to put it in perspective is when you have overtaken anything is too look where they are in your mirror 3 seconds later. Way behind. Way way way behind. As in all very fast cars other than in a 30/40 limit there is little time to keep looking at the speedo. That is the rate of acceleration. Other than in long straights I doubt that much would keep pace with this car. It feels faster than both the above lambo and has more low down grunt than the 458 owing to that massive wedge of torque given by the bi turbos. Like the baby lambo and 458 the gearbox is great. Seamless up or down the box, kicks down easily and doesn't define the driving experience like the Maserati MC or the Aventador.

Being two wheel drive with super thin tyres and colossal torque it needs lots of stability gizmos to keep it on the road. In moderate to hard acceleration and slightly cold tyres and mildewed roads it stepped sideways very quickly. The stability control or possibly some input from me pulled it straight quickly. Sadly directly in front of my neighbours car who had a grandstand view. It looked a lot more dramatic from behind than in the car. The owner had a very big wiggle recently. As always no mater how good the car sense must prevail. The lambos and audi R8 have 4WD and I still think that to deploy power in real life conditions it is needed. You can't do big power slides on a public road either legally or without upsetting other road users.

Two other lovely points is the steering which is light but tells you what is going on; and the brakes. Great feel and progression and sledge hammer retardation. Compared to previous SL's the steering is a massive change. The whole car feels light although is still about 1800kg or about 350 heavier than the equivalent 458 etc.

Interior fit and finish are excellent with lots of toys to play with, when not driving at 7/10ths or above. I like the flying top and the semi enclosed with side windows and rear deflector and air scarf hot air.

I really liked this car. by some margin the best SL or indeed merc I have driven.

In summary: Stupendously fast!

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Re: Mercedes SL AMG 63 Drive

Postby Andrew[MG] » Mon Nov 03, 2014 8:31 pm

Did you at any time shout "POWWWWAARRRR" in a Jeremy Clarkson style?
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