MarkR26 does NOT recommend...

MarkR26 does NOT recommend...

Postby MarkR26 » Mon Apr 29, 2019 2:04 pm

Dust powder & paint.

After good initial contact on Facebook regarding colour choice & a bit of general banter I settled on a colour that had been posted on their Facebook page.
My R26 have daft plastic centre caps which I wanted the same colour. I was told they couldn’t be powdercoated because they’re plastic but they’d do their best to colour match.

The car was dropped off on the 2nd of March and picked up on the 4th which was reasonable.
When I arrived to pick the car up I was told the caps would follow in a couple of days once they had dried properly. I had bought 2 replacements to from the dealers because the Renault diamonds had fallen off (the other two were still intact) this cost £36.

It’s now the 29th of April and i’m still without the centre caps. Despite numerous messages back and forth full of empty promises the job still has not been complete and I am now out of pocket.

I went to the premises to ask for them to be returned whether painted or not and was told that they’d be dropped off at my house. This has also not happened.

The paint job on the wheels was good. On closer inspection there is some orange peel on one of the wheels.

The customer service is probably the WORST i’ve ever experienced. Once the owner had my money he just wasn’t interested.

I have also heard of another couple of customers who have been treated in a similar way.
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