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Readers’ Cars : Porsche Cayman


Name: Kris O’Neill

Car: Porsche Cayman 2.7

How long have you owned it?: 5 years

Previous car?: Audi Quattro turbo

What made you buy it?: I originally wanted an rs4 but saw Porsche , test drove and bought on impulse all good until I realised no room for snowboards, mountainbike etc .. no regrets though!!

Any modifications? K n N induction kit 

Future plans for the car?: Borla exhaust, updated brakes,

What road trips has it been on? The cannonbawz run now on its 3rd year , charity car run around the Nc500, cannonbawz mini Bawz run around all the Scottish ski resorts.

Is it expensive to run?  No surprisingly not , it’s around 30 mpg, I was very surprised.

What’s next?:  looking forward to getting the cars wrapped and decalled up , attending many car shows, promoting the cannonbawz run and to an awesome summer of driving on our incredible roads, come join in.